Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in simply arranging flowers.  We believe in designing with delicious scents, bewitching colours and wild textures.  We don’t believe in ordinary, everyday or boring bunches.  We believe in hand-picked and tied, bespoke unique creations.  We don’t believe in the dull, the obvious or the mundane.  We believe in masterpieces and marvels, we believe in floral couture.  With designs ranging from cutting edge to traditional with a twist, and from the smallest bespoke bouquet to large corporate arrangements and personalized installations for the home, we aim to satisfy your wildest desires for any occasion.

To experience floral couture or to commission something fabulous, call us on 020 7235 6469 or pop into the boutique in Belgravia or at Harrods for a chat.

Photos #2, 7, 9, 12 by John Nassari