Ideas and Inspirations for Luxury Christmas Decorations

Neill has been researching his ideas and inspirations for Christmas 2015 all year long...  In this blog post he shares his personal approach to luxury and sophistication during the festive season with styles ranging from traditional revivals to new trends, from sparkling and playful to Baroque opulence, all showcased or upon demand at the Belgravia boutique, The Flower Lounge.

Christmas has arrived at Neill Strain Floral Couture in Belgravia

Christmas is one of the most exciting and inspiring times of the year for us all.  I have a love of the theatrical and the flamboyant (as I think everyone knows) and at Christmas time my clients are quite adventurous so I am delighted to be able to express my creativity to the fullest!  

Luxurious, bespoke designs for Christmas by Neill Strain Floral Couture

We transform the Belgravia boutique into a haven of all things Christmassy, from the aromas of the pine foliage and stunning seasonal flowers, to richly scented candles, ribbons and baubles of every shape and size, Christmas trees with twinkling lights and every design you could possibly wish for during the festive season.  From visiting fairs and suppliers across the Continent during the year, I bring back the latest trends and the most exquisite decorations to the Belgravia store where we weave our floral couture magic creating bespoke designs and atmospheric decor for our discerning clients.  

Bespoke Neill Strain wreath with luxury crystal candle by Rachel Vosper

To set the tone, in the Neill Strain Floral Couture tradition, we lavishly decorate the exterior of the boutique.  This year I was inspired by my recent visit to New York and the glitzy glamour that Americans do so well.  

Medici urns ladened with Christmas foliage, baubles and gold Phalaenopsis Orchids. Baroque opulence revival.

Inside the boutique are displays based on different colour themes which are designed to inspire our clients to choose the style and ambiance  best suited to their home.  Bright or antique gold, elegant silver, snowy white, reds and greens are the traditional colours for Christmas.  This year we are also proposing deep chocolate browns, rose, tourquoise, orange and magenta for those with a taste for the contemporary.   With an extensive range of baubles, decorations and exquisitely luxurious ribbons, we create bespoke designs according to the chosen colour theme and style.  Here are some inspirations for colour, mood and style.  What would harmonise with or complement best your interiors?

A lush magenta and gold with Scotch Pine and Eucolyptus

Glitz and sparkle, traditional red and gold with foliage and gold-sprayed twigs

Hues of blue with opulent gold ribbon and gold dipped Bonsai roots create an organic opulent look

Bright gold with crisp white create a strong contrast and a striking design

We are renowned for our opulent door wreaths.  The door wreath literally "welcomes" your family and guests into your home and sets the tone of the decorations inside.  While we have many wreaths on display in the boutique, we invite our clients to choose their own decorations from the boutique: baubles in different shapes and styles, white porcelain decorations, garlands, ribbons and much, much more.  Then, as in the Austrian and German tradition, we create a bespoke wreath using the selected items.  A truly personal work of art that reflects your style and desires.

Bashfully Belgravia; opulent and luxurious

A vast choice of exquisite ribbons to choose from at the boutique 

Red glamour... inspirations for the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall in New York!

By the way, on Saturday, November 28th, I will be hosting a workshop on how to make your own door wreath in collaboration with the Park Tower Knightsbridge Hotel.  A fun day of creativity with Champagne, a delicious lunch and your own luxury door wreath to take home.  For details and bookings see this link.  And here are more wreaths.

Traditional with a twist

Clients may choose their decorations from the boutique and we create the wreath according to their wishes

An organic, natural style is rustic yet elegant

Very often, when we design a door wreath we create a similar wreath to cradle a candle as a delightful Christmas table decoration, such as these below...  Opulent, luxurious, beautiful floral couture for Christmas.

Christmas wreath with gold Magnolia leaves, crystal sweets and baubles with a gold glass candle container

Classic and so stylish; red and gold with lush green foliage

Contemporary design in turquoise, navy blue and gold; baubles, ribbon and gold dipped Bonsai roots.

Magenta and gold is a new trend this year

Red, gold and green remains a favourite colour theme for Christmas 

For those who enjoy the highest quality candles, Rachel Vosper, our Belgravia neighbour, has exquisite hand-made, hand-cut crystal vessels which can be filled with a scented candle from her library of eight fragrances and we create a bespoke wreath with foliage and decorations of your choice to enhance the experience.

Collaboration Belgravia neighbours, Neill Strain and Rachel Vosper. Bespoke candle and wreath

Well if that doesn't put you in the mood for Christmas, I suggest you pop into the boutique and see for yourself!  We have lots more wonderful ideas and inspirations.  Too many to include in one blog post!  The countdown to Christmas has started and it's time for you to plan your decorations and for me to enjoy early mornings through late nights transforming the gorgeous homes of my London clients into festive feasts for the eye and the senses.

Florally yours,

Neill x  

Fresh floral designs are also available throughout Christmas at the boutique

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