Where to find the best Christmas Trees and Christmas Tree Decorations in Belgravia

If you're spending Christmas in Belgravia, Mayfair or Knightsbridge, where do you look for the perfect Christmas Tree?  And the most gorgeous Christmas Tree decorations?  Look no further!  Neill shares with us how he sources and delivers not only the best Christmas Trees to his clients, but also how he decorates the trees and styles clients homes (in fact, every room in the house!) for the season. 

3.5 meter tall Christmas Tree lavishly decorated with golden Magnolia leaves, baubles and ribbons with a gold/cream/orange theme to complement the interiors. Photo: John Nassari

No matter what the culture or nationality might be, it seems that London is one of the world's best places to celebrate Christmas and we British are renowned for our most exquisite Christmas Trees and Christmas decorations to enhance the annual celebration.  This means that many of our international clients are here for the holiday season and, along with our local residents, festively styling these homes for Christmas is an inspirational delight.  

Neill Strain Christmas Tree richly decorated in silver with glass icicles, snowflakes and Birch stars.

We focus first and foremost on the Christmas Tree.  Sometimes we will have more than one in a home.  The Christmas Tree takes center stage, wherever it is, so it's incredibly important to start with a perfectly sized and shaped tree before you even think about the decorations.  That's why I go up to Berkshire, to Yattendon Christmas Tree farm, where I can personally choose the living tree according to the height, shape and fullness.

Yattendon is the largest Christmas Tree farm in England harvesting annually over 50,000 trees.  They grow primarily two varieties of trees: Norway Spruce and Nordman.  The very big, dense and fulll ones are Norway Spruce and the Yattendon farmers achieve their perfect shape by pruning them every year.  The quality is so exceptional that their Norway Spruce trees drop very few needles once decorated and in a heated home.

When I find the perfect tree, they cut it there and then so I can bring it absolutely fresh to the client's home.  After cutting, the trees need a long drink just like flowers and this conditioning guarantees that the tree remains lush and sturdy throughout the Christmas period. 

This Christmas Tree is over 3 m tall and 15 years old; destined for an elegant home in Central London

Premium quality Christmas Trees sourced by Neill Strain at Yattendon, Berkshire

We deliver Christmas Trees to client's homes all over London and the U.K.

Home styling interiors is our specialty and at Christmas time we enjoy the freedom our clients allow us to create opulent, festive designs and a warm, welcoming atmosphere in their home.  Soft lighting is essential, so our Christmas trees are ladened with twinkling lights to which we add decorations that sparkle and shimmer.  

Clients often come to our Belgravia boutique when they order their home styling, so we can discuss the designs, themes, styles and colours.  They choose from the vast array of decorations, baubles, glass, porcelains and ribbons that we have on display, as well as the flowers, plants and candles.

Here are some images of a chic London house we've just decorated for Christmas.  The interiors are quite contemporary and, in addition to 2 gorgeous Christmas trees from Yattendon, the client wanted an overall elegant but lavish look to match the style and colours of each room.

In the hall, a traditional Christmas red theme to complement the grey walls and white paintwork.

Neill Strain design for a Christmas dining room, olive green walls and blue artwork in the room inspired a turquoise, green and purple theme.

Cream, gold and a touch of orange give a festive glow to the contemporary beige, black and white design of the livingroom.

For the master bedroom, pale pink and white wreaths and florals warm the cool, dark grey of this spacious room.

Floating flowers in the bathtub is one of my favourite "wow" designs.  Here we mixed pink baubles, Roses, Astrantia, Phalaenopsis and Vanda Orchids.

And we added a few more bright colours and sparkling lights to the child's bedroom... 

Even the kitchen is adorned with an exquisite table decoration and flowers behind in a bronze/beige hue to brighten the undoubtedly elegant cooking and eating area. 

If you haven't yet planned your Christmas Tree or the decorations for your home, hurry down to our boutique in Belgravia or give us a call on 020 7235 6469 and let's have a chat about what you would like.  Before you know it, your house will be looking as stunning as this one!  

In the meantime, may I wish you all a most festive Christmas.

Florally yours,

Neill x

All photos of interiors by: John Nassari

And a Merry Christmas from the Neill Strain team.

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