For the Love of Luxury Roses

Neill has been sourcing some of the most beautiful and rarest Roses for his clients for many years now. Learn about the new Rose varieties his specialty growers are introducing this summer, available in very limited quantities at the Belgravia boutique as well as the concession at Harrods, and discover some stunning, new bouquets created with Roses from Ecuador now available to order online from Neill Strain Floral Couture.

How many times have I been asked “What is your favourite flower?” and I reply, “I don’t have one favourite flower. It depends on the season and what I see in my growers’ glasshouses!” Well, I have to admit that in the summer months, Roses are definitely one of my favourite flowers. Although we have magnificent Roses from Holland and South America throughout the year, it is in the summer that our Dutch specialty growers spoil us with extraordinary garden Roses and exciting new varieties alongside our old favourites.

Roses growing at the VIP Roses glasshouse in Holland

Summer Roses in bloom at VIP Roses

VIP Roses selects only its very best and most special blooms for Neill Strain Floral Couture

With over 30 varieties of spectacular Roses to choose from, VIP Roses selects every week only the very best and most special blooms for us. They then send them directly to our Belgravia boutique and our concession at Harrods so we can offer them to clients within 24 hours of picking. This is exceptional freshness and allows a much longer vase life. Here are just a few of my favourites… What I really admire about VIP Roses is not just the exceptional quality but their selection. They have every colour palette imaginable and many different shapes, types and scents within each colour.

Every year, VIP test trials new varieties of Roses to discover their unique characteristics, to see how well they grow, their vase life and sturdiness. We are very proud and privileged to be able to offer these rare, brand-new blooms to our clients. The new Roses have not yet been named as this will happen only if VIP decide to add the Rose to their permanent selection. Here are some of the trial Roses, as yet unnamed, that we have at our Belgravia boutique and Harrods concession.

Ecuadorian Roses also have their special qualities and we have a display of these at the Belgravia boutique and our concession at Harrods throughout the year. We love these South American blooms for their big, beautiful heads, the rich, deep colours and their strong, firm stems. In Ecuador the Roses are grown at a high altitude and in fertile lava soil. The climate is stable all year round (which means high quality Roses all year round) and due to the high altitude, temperatures are not extreme: pleasantly cool at night and warm in the day, perfect for Rose growing. Furthermore, the high intensity of natural light gives the Roses their intense colours. Our selection is sourced especially for us by FSQ from the best Ecuador growers and in addition to providing excellent service this company sponsors the Orfanato Foundation and is helping hundreds of children in Quito to build a stable future for themselves. So when we buy their Roses we are also helping the children. To showcase these beautiful blooms we have recently added to our online ordering service three stunning hand-tied bouquets. Created with Ecuadorian Roses in white, pink and vibrant colours blended with other seasonal berries and foliage, each bouquet is available with 6, 12, 18 or 24 Roses. (12 and 24 Roses shown below). You can order these online here.

In addition to these bouquets we have also introduced a delightful selection of Roses beautifully designed with seasonal blooms in a set of either 3 or 5 exquisite small glass vases. Available in pink, white, peach, purple, red or a vibrant mix, these flowers create an enchanting display for a dinner party, a dining-room table or a coffee table. Order online here.

I hope you have appreciated all these gorgeous Roses! Do take advantage of the season and pop into our boutique or Harrods concession and savour the displays and smell the incredible scents. And don’t forget, we also have our bespoke fragranced candles available now so you can enhance the scent of the Roses with one of our candles! We recommend Belgravia, No. 11 and of course Rose & Oud for this time of year.

In the meantime, enjoy another month of sunshine and the delights of the garden.

Florally yours,

Neill x

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