Flowers for Valentine's Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for a florist and therefore sourcing the very best flowers is more challenging than ever. In this blogpost Neill presents his exquisite Valentine’s Collection for 2019 and explains how he obtains the most spectacular and freshest Red Naomi Roses on the market.

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Sending flowers, chocolates and romantic notes has been a tradition in the U.K. on Valentine’s Day since the 18th century while Roses have been a symbol of love for even longer. No wonder that offering primarily red Roses on February 14th is now an international phenomena, and one that is not without certain consequences on the flower industry due to the excessive volume.

Luxury flowers for Valentine’s Day created by Neill Strain Floral Couture

To have one single coloured Rose so much in demand on one single day is a challenge for the growers as well as being challenging for the florist. To have one’s entire production perfectly in bloom at the same time is almost impossible and as a result any early blooming red Roses are cut and carefully kept in the cold room until the day to sell arrives. This later causes problems with quality for the florist who, in most cases, cannot tell how long ago a flower has been picked. A Rose which has been stored in the cold room for sometimes several weeks will quickly die once it is placed in a warm home. And how disappointing it is for the loved one to receive a wilting Rose.

80 cm stem length Red Naomi Roses of the best quality selected especially for Neill Strain Floral Couture

Since I opened my business 11 years ago, I have been searching for a way to try and lessen the ethereal restrictions of flowers. For this, I needed to make sure we have the most spectacular blooms and the quickest transportation so that no precious vase life time is wasted and our customers can enjoy their flowers for longer. That is why we have a very special group of growers in Holland who select and pick their very best blooms for us throughout the year; and we receive them directly at our Belgravia boutique from these growers within 24 hours of picking.

Red Roses growing in the glass house at our grower, Porta Nova, in Holland

Our favourite red Roses are Red Naomi from the grower Porta Nova. We source our red Roses from them all year long, always the longest stems and largest heads arriving at our boutique within 24 hours of picking. So Valentine’s Day is no different for us than any other day. Porta Nova select and pick their best blooms for us and send them to us immediately so that, as always, we have them at the boutique in perfect condition, incredibly fresh and vibrant. Our Valentine’s Collection 2019 is created with the very finest Red Naomi Roses, 80 cms tall.

Red Naomi Roses at Porta Nova selected especially for Neill Strain Floral Couture for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, we are offering 1, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 Red Naomi Roses in a tall glass vase which shows off the elegance and stature of these fine blooms. You can order these extraordinary Roses here.

We also offer an exquisite heart of either 18 or 24 Red Naomi Roses, nestled in a bed of Skimmia, golden Wax flower and Ivy. This unusual presentation of the Roses allows them to gradually dry and hence the heart can be kept for months if desired.

A magnificent mix of flowers including red and pink Roses, Gloriosa, Calla Lilies, Tulips, Runuculi and Orchids is a stunning alternative to the traditional red Rose bouquet. Available in small, medium, large and deluxe.

A stunning tapestry of red Roses, Gloriosa and Calla Lilies mixed with spring flowers is “Ruby Romance” for Valentine’s Day

This mixed bouquet also comes as a Petite Couture design, topped with a wire heart, created in a square glass vase. Available in small, medium and large.

And for those who are not partial to red, a bouquet of the most fabulous pastel coloured Avalanche Roses, with their tall stems and massive heads, is also available in an elegant tall glass vase accentuating their true magnificence. Choice of 12, 18, 24 or 30 Roses.

Exquisite bouquet of white, Sweet and Pearl Avalanche Roses for Valentine’s Day designed by Neill Strain Floral Couture

Our ultimate Valentine’s Gift however is “Flowers for the Year.” Following the mixed bouquet on Valentine’s Day, your loved one will receive a bouquet of seasonal flowers every week or once a month, delivered to your door.

Neill Strain Floral Couture’s ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, a whole year’s worth of flowers delivered once a week or once a month

I hope these floral arrangements, designed in celebration of romance and love, will entice you to visit our Belgravia boutique where you can enjoy our giant floral heart for a photo or two, or our concession at Harrods. And if you prefer to stay warm at home, you can order directly online here and we’ll deliver your flowers anywhere in London.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Florally yours,

Neill x

The Neill Strain Floral Couture boutique in Belgravia dressed for Valentine’s Day