Floral Arrangements

Thank you for purchasing one of our floral arrangements - a Tall Arrangement, a Low Table Arrangement, a Petite Couture or another other arrangement where the flowers have been arranged in floral foam.

In order to ensure the longest life of your flowers, top up the vase or container with clean water at room temperature and flower food daily as floral foam can dry out very quickly. Pour in the water slowly, preferably over a sink or place where no damage can occur from any excess water.

Maintain your flowers preferably every day by removing any dead or dying flowers.

Place your flowers away from direct sunlight, radiators and air conditioning units. Flowers do not like extreme heat, cold or drafts. Also, avoid proximity to fruit as fruit naturally produce ethylene and this odourless gas will shorten the vase life of your flowers.

If and when some of the blooms must be removed, why not add some fresh blooms to fill in the empty space, and this way you will be able to enjoy your display even longer.

Important Notes

All flowers, foliage and berries are for decorative purposes. Some flowers and plants can be harmful if consumed.

Care should be taken to keep your flowers and foliage out of the reach of children and pets.

Please take care when positioning your floral display within your home or office as leakages and dampness from the water source can cause damage to delicate surfaces. Always place the vase or container onto a protective mat.

Remove all pollen from flowers as they open to avoid the risk of staining.

Flower food should not be consumed.

Lucinda AddisonComment