Valentine's Heart

You have received our beautiful Valentine's Heart created with fresh Red Naomi Roses and we want you to know how to make this living work of art last as long as possible.

Your Roses, foliage and berries have been placed in floral foam and this foam must not dry out as the flowers need to have a constant water supply.  Therefore, every day or two (according to your room temperature) add a little of the flower food to clean water at room temperature and gradually pour the water slowly onto the heart over a sink or a place where no damage can occur from excess water.  Avoid pouring the water directly onto the Rose heads; aim for areas of foliage where the water can easily reach the floral foam below.  

Maintain the beauty of your floral Heart by removing any dead or dying petals, foliage or berries.

Be careful to place your Heart away from direct sunlight, radiators and air conditioning units. Flowers do not like extreme heat, cold or drafts.  Also, avoid proximity to fruit as fruit naturally produce ethylene and this odourless gas will shorten the life span of your flowers.

For more information about our Red Naomi Roses, you may wish to read Neill's blog post.

Important Notes

All flowers, foliage and berries are for decorative purposes. Some flowers and plants can be harmful if consumed.

Care should be taken to keep your flowers and foliage out of the reach of children and pets.

Please take care when positioning your floral display within your home or office as leakages and dampness from the water source can cause damage to delicate surfaces. Always place the vase or container onto a protective mat.

Remove all pollen from flowers as they open to avoid the risk of staining.

Flower food should not be consumed.

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