Corporate Cool

We believe in making business beautiful as well as a pleasure.  We create personalised, bespoke designs, from contemporary to traditional, for corporations on any occasion.  Our displays will reflect your brand and your brand’s values.  With our help, boardrooms don’t have to be boring.  They can be simple and elegant, dramatic and striking.

In addition to our extensive range of rare and unusual flowers, we offer plants and trees to add impact and drama.  So we can surprise and delight you and your clients with our creativity and unique designs. All displays are maintained as we’ll pop in for a mid-week spruce up. 

And for your clients, we can deliver exquisite floral bouquets and contemporary designs to reflect any message you wish to convey.  

To discuss your needs, or to open a Corporate Account, please call us on 020 7235 6469 or visit the Belgravia boutique for a coffee and a consultation.