Fragranced Candle "Cassis Noir"

Fragranced Candle "Cassis Noir"


On late summer rambles, blackcurrants beckon ... their lush berry-laden branches trailing along the velvet moss of a forest floor.  Combining the piquancy of summer fruits with the tartness of Blackcurrant Leaves and Moss, the richly-scented Cassis Noir is a modern classic. The heart notes are intensely fragrant like a full-bodied red wine from the Rhone Valley, profoundly aromatic, slightly spicy with the hint of sweetness from the pastry. The top notes are layers and layers of black berry fruits and the sweetness of these is balanced by the earthy, damp flavour of moss, the warmth and richness of wood and a touch of lingering Musk.

Traditional Musk is secreted by adult male Musk Deers, native to Asia, when trying to attract a female. This very potent, long-lasting scent has been used in perfumes and medicines across the globe for thousands of years.

Top Notes: Blackberries, Blueberries and Blackcurrants.

Heart Notes: Dark Berries and Hint of Pastry.

Base Notes: Green, Mossy, Woody and Musk.

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