Scented Garden Roses

Exclusive to Neill Strain Floral Couture in the U.K.

Finding scented Roses is almost impossible these days.  This is because for many decades the Rose breeders have purposely removed the scent in favour of extending the vase life of commercially grown cut Roses.  But what we all love best about Roses is surely the incredible fragrance of a traditional garden Rose...  That's why I have sourced a special delivery of quite unique scented Roses every Friday at the Belgravia boutique.  In the heart of Kenya where the climate is absolutely perfect for growing Roses, I have discovered an exceptional Rose farm, infact the most sustainable farm in the country, dedicated to recreating the magnificently scented Roses of past times.

After picking and conditining, the Roses are sent directly to us and arrive in Belgravia the following day so they are very fresh.  Scented Roses are rare, delicate and their sublime fragrances mean a shorter vase life of about 4 days.  Every Friday we will receive different varieties of these "Damasque Roses" and their exquisite beauty and devine fragrances are guaranteed to last the weekend and fill your home with romance.

Pop into the boutique on Friday, 8.30 am to 7 pm or on Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, or call us now to reserve your scented Roses : 0207 235 6469.