A Luxury Wedding Putting on the Ritz

A luxury wedding at London's iconic Ritz Hotel with exquisite, fairytale flowers makes a marriage of setting and style.  Neill walks us through the steps of planning and preparations for a wedding that combines elegance and opulence and how he creates the mood, the style and the arrangements.

The celebration of one of life’s happiest events is the occasion for the most delightful of parties; it will linger in the memory of every guest from the flower girl, to the grandmother and the friends who have travelled from afar to attend.  A bride and groom and their team will work for months so that the wedding will run smoothly – and the collaboration of family, friends and professionals is as much a part of the wedding as the event itself.

Images are of Atlanta and Simon's luxury wedding at the Ritz Hotel London

One such successful collaboration was with bride and groom Atlanta and Simon who wanted a fairytale wedding.  And there are few destinations that lend themselves to this sort of tall order than The Ritz London.  With its classical glamour and impeccable service, the Music Room at The Ritz is the hotel’s largest private dining room with a pastel colour palette in soft pink, pale green and yellow hues, gold gilding and soaring windows that fill the room with natural light and an intricately detailed shadow-arched ceiling.  (The Burlington Room is another enchanting venue at the hotel, located in William Kent House adjacent to the hotel).

Neo-classic features in the Music Room set the style for our classic urn arrangements.  Bold and distinguished; to enhance, not distract from, the overall elegance.

Creating the floral arrangements in perfect harmony in style, scale and colour with the design of the room is essential.

Most brides and grooms start with a feeling about the mood they want to achieve – formal or informal, urban or rural, indoors or out.  These thoughts lay the groundwork for decisions about the site, its decoration, the guest list and what kind of menu to serve the guests.  

Framing the entrance into the Music Room, the flowers preview the urn arrangements inside.

The style of a wedding is as much a matter of taste as it is of budget.  Atlanta was very clear in her colour palette - she wanted pinks and a feeling of warmth - a nod to her Australian roots as well as a naturally graceful party without being overdone. 

Flower arrangements in the hall leading to the Music Room.

We selected a combination of blooms comprising pink Phalaenopsis Orchids, mauve Lisianthus, with white, cream and pink Roses and Spray Roses off set with Eucalyptus; and the addition of Cymbidium and Vanda Orchids, Lilac and Clematis in the hall and candelabra arrangements.  Given that The Music Room is already ornate, the wedding décor needed to balance the setting, but even the most beautiful places for parties call for decoration.  How much can be difficult to gauge when you look at an empty space.  If possible, preview the place where the reception will be held when it is set up for someone else’s party, or see pictures of the room as it has been decorated in the past.

The pink Phalaenopsis Orchids capture the pale pink of the wall columns and the coral pink of the chairs.

Two urn arrangements frame the magnificent fireplace which was the background to the exchanging of vows.  The textures and details of the flowers reflected many of the décor elements already in the room.

As for the Wedding Breakfast, our table centrepieces were classic silver candelabra decorated with cascading Phaleanopsis Orchids with a further decoration at eye level.  

Final preparations to the table candelabra arrangements.

Of course the candlelight completed the fairytale element and the flowers complemented the setting, tables and elegance of the room. 

Soft candle light with elegant floral arrangements guarantees a romantic atmosphere!

Photography by Nik Pate.

Close up of table floral arrangement at the base of the candelabra.

Given that a wedding is a mixture of the visual, the romantic and the sensual, this was a feast for the eyes and one which was an inspiration to create in such an iconic venue.  I hope you have enjoyed this blog post just half as much as I did preparing the flowers!

Florally yours,

Neill x